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David A. Gross, MPA Link to David Gross's Bio
Center Director
Phone: 606.783.6468

KaSandra Hensley
Assistant Center Director
Education Coordinator
Phone: 606.783.6830

Health Careers Promotions

Kirsten Morant
Health Careers Coordinator
Phone: 606.783.7580

Continuing Education

Megan Littleton
Education Coordinator
Phone: 606.783.7578

Student Services

Jessica Caudill, MA
Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 606.783.6469

Sue Russell
Educational Assistant
Phone: 606.783.6843

Grant Projects

KaLeigh Hemminger, MA
Director, Northeast Kentucky Substance Use Response Coalition
Outreach Services Coordinator
Phone: 606.783.6506

Vickie Fairchild, RN, BSN
Research Coordinator
Phone: 859.562.1543

Carla Terry
Director of GME, Grants, and Contracts
Phone: 606.783.7586