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What is CHARGE?

Creating Healthcare Advancement opportunities to promote Rural Kentucky under-Graduate nursing Excellence (CHARGE) provides students interested in pursuing a nursing career with additional educational and learning advancement opportunities centered around inspiring those involved to work in the region upon degree completion.

CHARGE will provide opportunities through Tier One and Tier Two of the program. Tier One of the program is centered around High School Students who are interested in pursuing a nursing degree and are interested in shadowing a nursing mentor to further explore the career field. This tier of the program will provide students with the opportunity to view the varying needs of the healthcare field and how nursing correlates within the everyday management of a healthcare facility. Tier Two of the program focuses on Collegiate Nursing Program students who may need additional assistance either academically or financially to achieve their career goals. This tier of the program aims at addressing common barriers active collegiate nursing program students face within the Northeast AHEC region, such as transportation costs, educational equipment costs, childcare costs, and access to learning resources in hopes of reducing the likelihood a student will exit a nursing degree program prior to completion due to external factors.

Applications are open NOW for both high school and college.