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Job Shadowing

All shadowing observations have been limited due to the pandemic. Only those who are in the process of applying to professional programs (I.E. medical school, graduate programs, etc.) will be accepted at this time. Please submit your application and check back for updates. For questions, please email Lakyn Newcomb or Hannah Little.

The NE KY AHEC are very excited to assist you in your shadowing experiences on your path to becoming a health professional. We offer shadowing opportunities across our 17-county service area and. in most cases, can set up a shadowing experience within or close to your community.

Shadowing is one way to learn more about a particular career; typically a half-day or one-day observational experience that offers a glimpse into a typical workday in a specific career field. Shadowing helps you define career interests, see what a certain job will be like, allows you to ask questions of the professional you are shadowing, and gain a better understanding of a particular work setting or business.

You'll be surprised to find that though someone's job title may be the same, what they do on a day-to-day basis can be drastically different depending on the company they work for.

No credit is received and no fee is charged for shadowing; it may be done as often as desired and at any time during the year. The NE KY AHEC encourages students of all majors, class levels and alumni to participate.

Please remember that these professionals are very busy and are volunteering their time to allow you to shadow them. You are expected to dress professionally, arrive on time, and be respectful of the professional's time. Be sure to show your appreciation with a thank you card after the experience.

Following each observation/shadowing experience, students are required to complete an observation/shadowing log. This log can be found by clicking here.

Shadowing Packets

In order to be considered for shadowing, participants must complete the Job Shadowing Checklist below and provide the NE KY AHEC with all appropriate information.

Shadowing Checklist

  • Complete a Job Shadowing Application
  • Provide immunization records
    • 2 MMR’s
    • 2 step TB skin test results (2-Step verification process)
    • Flu vaccination for the current year flu season
      • Complete COVID-19 vaccination series card (optional)
  • Attend an orientation meeting scheduled by the NE AHEC

Once the Job Shadowing Application has been submitted and reviewed, shadowing placement could take up to 10 days.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an orientation appointment contact Lakyn Newcomb or Hannah Little by email or call the office at 606.783.6506.