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Letters From Home

Letters From Home is an ongoing program at the Northeast Kentucky Area Health Education Center. This program works collaboratively with in-state universities, local hospitals, and other health care organizations within the NE KY AHEC’s 17-county service area.

The purpose of this program is to continue the health careers pipeline from beginning to retention. Our hope is to change rural health care by following these medical students and bringing them back to practice to decrease the shortage of physicians in our service area.

As part of the Letters From Home program, NE KY AHEC staff members follow students through their medical education by sending information about new and exciting events going on in the region, birthday cards, Northeast Kentucky AHEC Newsletter, rotation information, residency information and any other items that provide ongoing contact from home.

The Northeast Kentucky AHEC also helps these medical students engage in opportunities such as networking and community engagement in our service area in hopes they will come back. The Northeast Kentucky AHEC has helped each student with getting the rotations they want and providing information to help get them employed within the region.


Students must meet the following requirements in order to participate in the Letters From Home program.

  • Live in or be from our 17-county service area.


  • Be a Morehead State University graduate.

For more information about Letters From Home contact Jessica Caudill by email or phone at 606.783.6470.