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Student Policies


To delineate the roles and responsibilities of affiliated colleges/universities/organizations that have requested student/acting intern/resident placement within the Northeast KY AHEC region clinical and non-clinical settings.

AHEC's mission is to enhance access to quality primary care and public health in rural and underserved areas, by improving the supply and distribution of health care professional through community/academic partnerships.


Prior to any AHEC rotation that you complete, you will be sent an email confirmation 4 weeks prior to your start date. This is the perfect time to touch base with the Northeast KY AHEC Student Services division to ask any questions concerning housing, placement, credentialing, etc.


Depending on where you are placed, you will be required to obtain or get access to certain items prior to your rotation start date. Most (not all) facilities require the following:

  • Letter of good standing from your institution
  • Copy of liability insurance
  • Copy of driver's license or a current photo ID
  • Copy of immunization records (2MMRs)
  • Copy of current TB skin-test
  • Flu vaccine (seasonal)
  • Background check
  • Drug screening

Some credentialing processes could take longer, so please make plans to get everything together in advance. Failure to produce all proper credentialing paperwork could potentially jeopardize your rotation hours or cancel your rotation. Please go to the Student Packets page to get more information for your specific site.

Code of Conduct

You are expected to maintain a professional code of conduct set by your university and the Northeast KY AHEC during your clinical rotation. This behavior shows a great deal of professionalism and respect, and the preceptors and their staff truly appreciate it. This includes:

  • Punctuality
  • Notifying your preceptor of your arrival at least one week in advance
    • Introduce yourself
    • Schedules
    • Dress code
    • Location
    • Any other information needed
  • Leaving all personal problems at home and not the site

General Dress Code

Each college has established guidelines regarding dress that each student and resident is expected to abide by. If the facility requires their own dress code, please abide by it. If not, professional dress is required. NO SHORT DRESSES/SKIRTS. NO LOW NECKED TOPS. NO LOW RISE PANTS.

Confirmation and Changes with your AHEC Rotation

To ensure the quality of your rotation placement and to ease the burden to our preceptors, you must contact the Northeast KY AHEC Student Services division immediately instead of setting up the rotation yourself.

Cancelling a Confirmed Rotation

Contact the coordinator of your program immediately. It is up to the clinical coordinator of your college to determine if the reasons provided will permit a change in rotation. It is the Northeast KY AHEC practice to NOT CANCEL or change a rotation. Please go to the Housing page to view the housing policy for cancelling a housing placement.